View Full Version : BMW K100 Revs... and bearing grease

Brian G. Reynolds
17-Mar-10, 09:21 PM
I think I will open my own forum.....

Can someone please tell me the ideal revs I should set my engine too now I have a working tacho?

I remember Keith saying way back in November last year that...
according to BMW max hp is at 8750rpm and for continous safe cruising (on the bike) a max of 8450 is recommended...not bad eh!!
But I seem to remember someone saying use 5000rpm....


Can someone also please tell me what grease I should use for the bearing blocks in my Osprey?

Thank you my learned friends......


17-Mar-10, 11:03 PM
Hi again,

What I said was correct, however we set up all our craft to have a maximum static rrpm of 7500, it ends up a little higher when moving.

The power curve is so flat at the top end by running at 7500 you still get 80 - 85hp, more than enough if the craft is well designed and set up correctly,. running at a lower rpm reduces noise and increases engine life.

When the Vortex 4+ is up and cruising, with 4 people on board in good conditions we would be running at about 5000 to 5500, (approx 55-60hp)

As for grease I don't know what type of bearings you are using, our lower bearing blocks run in oil.



Brian G. Reynolds
18-Mar-10, 10:43 AM
Thank you Keith, as always very helpful!

As for the greese, The setup I have has greese nipples on it so I assume it needs greese?

I will have a chat with JS as he built the frame for me.

Be good,