View Full Version : World Championships 2008 (Pictures)

29-Apr-10, 05:16 AM
Well, It took me long enough, but I finally was able to get the pictures off the dead laptop and get them uploaded.

Duncan, let me know and I can send you your dvd's if you want them.

I present to you, EVERY single picture (I think).


Please feel free to download and use any of them that you want. The download link will give you a much larger image, suitable for printing and wallpapers etc etc.


Jon Pert
29-Apr-10, 02:27 PM
Some cracking shots there!

Thanks for the link. :D

29-Apr-10, 07:23 PM
Glad to hear at least someone enjoys them. I found yet another secret stash of sweden pictures and am busy sorting them all into the appropriate places.

Some how the meticulous organization i did on my home computer was not mimicked on the web so Im sorry if figuring out which day was which has proven to be difficult.

30-Apr-10, 06:56 AM
There are some great shots.
Thank you for the effort to rescue them