View Full Version : Want to work for Griffon...

Brian G. Reynolds
13-May-10, 09:29 PM

I would kill myself to get this job!

Which makes me think....

How DO you get this job???



13-May-10, 10:52 PM
Hmm, I think it would be fun for a month or so, then it's just driving a very fancy and versatile bus.

Prosaically, you need an class 4 OOW ticket from the MCA, a valid medical and I would guess at least 2 years experience on the bridge(ideally on a shortsea ferry or other small craft). There are a number of ways you can get the ticket, if you are genuinely interested you can find out more here (http://www.careersatsea.org/) and here (http://www.officercadet.com). I am a Marine engineer rather than a deckie, but I can try to answer any questions you may have.

17-Jun-10, 12:36 PM
I didn't get it.!!!!!!:x~:-x~:mad:

They say that they have now got one. Luck son of a . . . .

OH well, gives me more time with my mates. :)