View Full Version : F1 engine anyone?

18-Jun-10, 04:38 PM
What a beast. 10,000hp allegedly. And it's a boat engine!


Original spec before being converted to methanol

42 cylinders heptagonal-star/6 cylinder rows
diameter 160 mm, stroke 170 mm, capacity: 143.500 ccm (8.757 cui)
7 over head camshafts driven by shafts, central steer time adjustment
4 valves/cylinder, 168 valves operated by roller rocker arms one cam moves an exhaust valve and an inlet valve
rotational speed: up to a maximum of 2.500 rpm
torque: about 15.000 Nm
power: about 4.500 kW
fuel consumption: 205 g/kWh resp. about 800 litres diesel/h
direct injection 9-hole injectors
decentralized fuel injection pump, per cylinder p ~ 1.000 bar
turbo compound: 1 step axial turbine and 1 step radial blower (p ~ 2,1 bar)
joined with crankshaft via 3 parallel hydrodynamic couplings
compressed air start system is at work with 150 bar compressed air on 2 cylinder banks (12 cylinders)
dimensions: diameter 1.600 mm, lenght ~ 2.000 mm

18-Jun-10, 07:10 PM
That's the lift engine sorted.
Any thoughts on one for thrust??


19-Jun-10, 10:53 PM
I reckon, you'd get a fair few Nectar points when buying the fuel for it.