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Keith Oakley
26-Jun-10, 06:35 AM
Greetings from a warm and sunny Rother Valley where the lake is calm and the first powerdrills have started in the paddock. Broadband speeds look good (1.5mbit/s uplink) for tv coverage later. We'll be setting up all morning, so coverage won't be up until first race.
First race scheduled for 1300 UK time.

26-Jun-10, 06:38 AM
have a good one ill look in later

26-Jun-10, 12:10 PM
looking good down here in Cornwall, the volume is a bit quiet though at max i can only just hear you

26-Jun-10, 12:38 PM
nice camera work, almost no freeze frames, had a couple early on then all good after that. i think the freeze's were the camera rather than the internet as freeze came up on screen. could still do with a bit more volume as my laptop is set to max and is still a quieter than i would like. :)

26-Jun-10, 12:41 PM
just noticed the lap chart update, Smart!

26-Jun-10, 12:44 PM
volume now much better, thanks

Muddy Marshal
26-Jun-10, 12:58 PM
Cool, Never seen the racing like this before.... for obvious reasons... you can let them all know to beware that the 'other' race director is keeping an eye on them now, while waiting for my baby to decide to appear !!! hehehe

Linda Taylor
26-Jun-10, 01:06 PM
I am sat with your regular race director watching. She did call a red flag first just now. lol

26-Jun-10, 01:12 PM
there is some background noise on the audio, a bit like the noise you get when the microfilters break on the phone line and the broadband sneeks through.
fantastic coverage though i like the onscreen position table definatly adds to the racing

26-Jun-10, 01:47 PM
Hello from the USA!

Video is looking good from here, came in from the shop to watch you all race.

26-Jun-10, 01:53 PM
This is a great mix of the presenter's audio and background hover noise. It's a "FULL" audio!

26-Jun-10, 01:57 PM
I think this is the best coverage i have seen, a big thumbs up, enjoying every minute :D:D;)

26-Jun-10, 02:02 PM
Great to see Bill getting his @ss kicked by a girl!!! :D :D

Keith Oakley
26-Jun-10, 02:54 PM
Thanks for the feedback. Production team today is Graham (ribs) Nutt commentary, Jake (knee) Cooper director/video mix, Chris (heart ) Daly cam2, Roger (drums) Drew cam1. cam3 unmanned.
Is sound any better? (no sound on replay) is background noise still a prob?

26-Jun-10, 02:59 PM
Sound has been fine since I came on, the hummm is there but very low. Then again my hearing is bad so maybe its a problem for some... :)

I was noticing during the Open race freezing of one of the cams, think it was Cam 2?

26-Jun-10, 03:33 PM
been a bit of freezing on 2nd race, the buzzing is still in the background, also the onscreen lap position device has stoped. on board camera was great. apart from that its all good

26-Jun-10, 03:52 PM
Taking a break from the shop again, just catching the start of F1, Thats fantastic having the onboard, it's dark right now but very exciting.

Gaz is right, still a bit of freezing.

26-Jun-10, 04:03 PM
if it helps cam 2 seems to be the only one to freeze (not always with freeze apearing on screen).
the F1/F2 race was prety darn good.

26-Jun-10, 04:42 PM
i must say todays coverage has been brilliant. i think you may have the edge on the tellys offerings tomorrow. Thanks for keeping me entertained this afternoon

Mustang Hovercraft
26-Jun-10, 04:49 PM
Great fun! Really enjoyed watching that whilst cooking my tea in the Kitchen!

Keith Oakley
27-Jun-10, 08:14 AM
Greetings from an even warmer and sunnier Rother. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming its very useful! Coverage today should start with first race at 1130 am UK time.

27-Jun-10, 09:47 AM
sadly i will miss the start of the racing, just been asked if i fancy a trip out and around the Tamar and Plymouth Sound...:]~:-]~:brgin: 1 hover, 1 rib. my right arm has just left and i am going after it. catch the racing when i get back.

:smug: playtime :smug:

27-Jun-10, 10:11 AM
I MISSED YESTERDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x~:-x~:mad: Had to go to a birth, then we were not allowed in to see the kid. :mad:

So I missed it for nothing.

Hope you post the replay soon. Will catch up today.

See you at 11.

27-Jun-10, 12:44 PM
Just joined in. Looks like Novice race just ran and we're on a break. What formula is next?

Keith Oakley
27-Jun-10, 12:56 PM
On Paddock break at present next block of racing should start with Novice race at 1420 UK time

27-Jun-10, 01:47 PM
Just lost the stream ... and it's back again :)

27-Jun-10, 01:48 PM
my stream has died, is there a problem?

27-Jun-10, 02:20 PM
Seems my feed is down, Germany 1 eng. 0

27-Jun-10, 02:33 PM
Germany now 2 - 0 up. Fix the feed and the goals will stop it looks like.:(

27-Jun-10, 02:37 PM
Germany 2 - 1 England.

Feed still not working.

27-Jun-10, 02:39 PM
england score BUT NOT ALLOWED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NNNNOOOOOOO

Still no feed.

27-Jun-10, 02:42 PM
just got back from a nice cruise on the river and aaaaargh no feed for the racing, whats happened? must be fairly terminal with no forum info from Keith!!

27-Jun-10, 02:43 PM
either that or they are all in front of the tellie

27-Jun-10, 02:45 PM
guess we might find out at full time

27-Jun-10, 10:04 PM
Stream dropped due to mobile network '3's billing server disappearing so reporting no credit on any upload dongles :-(

I'm sure Keith will further update.

28-Jun-10, 07:04 AM
thought there had to be a problem as there was zero comunication. such a shame, i was looking forward to a bit more racing. '3' you spoilt our afternoon

Keith Oakley
28-Jun-10, 07:07 AM
As Ross said the '3' networks billing server fell over about the same time as Germanys first goal (coincidence?) leaving both my 3G internet access links saying I had no credit left (which I had) but not letting me add more!
We've got the last couple of races you missed in the can so I'll put those up first on the replay. Great weekends racing, fantastic weather and minimal red flags so it ran pretty well to program.
Points and lapcharts etc will be up later today.

28-Jun-10, 09:05 AM
Thanks Keith & team

Great job as per usual, just a udder about the problems that were out of your hands.

Keith Oakley
28-Jun-10, 10:51 AM
Points tables and laptimes from Rother are now available at www.live.raceresults.info (http://www.live.raceresults.info) - click on the buttons at the top of the page. Seasons tables and videos to come.

28-Jun-10, 02:01 PM
Where will I find season overall results? They used to be under racing on the main web page!!!!

Keith Oakley
28-Jun-10, 02:09 PM
Season's tables still to come - when I've done 'em I'll tell you where I found 'em!

28-Jun-10, 02:25 PM
Cheers Keith

Keith Oakley
28-Jun-10, 06:02 PM
I've now put up two Rother videos on the replay website - www.replay.raceresults.info (http://www.replay.raceresults.info) where you will also find event points and laptimes. More videos to come.

The first is from saturday and shows the use of onboard live camera and the new race positions caption. It has reasonable sound - still got to work on that background hum! The camera isn't perfect but is probably worth working on. The captions are ok on this race but on others they seem to have a 'random number' feature which clearly needs sorting.

The second is the missing piece of coverage from sunday that live viewers will have lost when the 'Three' network failed. It hasn't any sound - sorry thats my fault!

Overall the picture quality is getting better - partly cos the uplink is working at a higher bit rate (about 700kbits) due to improvements in the new 'Three' dongle; but also very much better commentator /video director/ cameramen coordination achieved by experience and aided by a working talkback network.


28-Jun-10, 06:46 PM
Did anyone manage to record the crash in junior practise on Saturday involving craft 107 ? since it happened at hover 1 and i was marshal at hover 2 so could not see it and since it was in the formula i race in i would quite like to see it if someone caught it on video, if not it doesn't matter.


Keith Oakley
28-Jun-10, 07:42 PM
The webcast cameras weren't on during practise I'm afraid.

29-Jun-10, 07:28 AM
If I go to the live racing site then click on replay, Rother does not show.

It will only work if I use your shortcut that you have posted.


Amy 101
30-Jun-10, 03:36 PM
hiyaa, can anyone tell me where the prerecorded videos are? If you do could you let me know please, thank you.

30-Jun-10, 03:51 PM
on the home page before you login there is a live racing button under the Home and Forum ones, click on that or here http://www.live.raceresults.info/ then click on the replay button.

Amy 101
30-Jun-10, 04:34 PM
Ahhh yeaaah, thaaanks :)

Keith Oakley
1-Jul-10, 10:17 AM
I've now uploaded the earlier part of Sundays racing from Rother. Therefore all of Sundays racing is now available at www.replay.raceresults.info (http://www.replay.raceresults.info)
Anne in Orange may be interested to know that (marshalls testset) George2 has responded well to a little light cleaning between his main processor pins and has now remembered where his database is. George1 is still under observation.
Lovers of weekend sleep will be pleased to know that the reason my car alarm went off around 730am both mornings has been traced to radio jamming activities by tag 87, whose transmitter had been corroded due to a leaky lid!
Isn't technology wonderful.......


hover snapper
1-Jul-10, 10:40 AM
did wonder why it went off at the same time both mornings!!:confused:
rather a large alarm clock!!:D
but clever.

Ann in orange
2-Jul-10, 07:41 PM
Very pleased to hear of George2 (aka Herman)'s return to health. Will keep my fingers crossed for George1.

Bill Baker
4-Jul-10, 05:43 PM
Great to see Bill getting his @ss kicked by a girl!!! :D :D

Hi Chris
Bring your ass over here and you too can get it kicked by a very competent 50 h-powered junior.
Regards Bill.
Ps check out the lap times she is going faster than most craft in 503 raceing