View Full Version : Could anyone help?

Penny Lovell
2-Jul-10, 09:30 AM

For my Final Year Project at Uni, I am producing a documentary on 'Hovercraft within Britain', and am going to be including the racing/cruising aspect as well as the commercial etc.

I was wondering if anyone has any old photo's or video footage of old race meets, or information that may be useful or anything like that which I would be able to have a look at and possibly take copies off?!

I am hoping that from the footage of the racing, I may be able to make a spin of promo vid for the club, once my FYP is submitted, so any extra footage anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Also does anyone have a contact address for John Gifford and a member of the Cockerell family?!

Sorry about all the questions, I just want to make this documentary to be a good'un :)


Penny Lovell.