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6-Jul-10, 01:04 PM
Prior to the start of a race, there is often a period of time (15 minutes-ish) where there is comparatively little to broadcast (see the number of nature shots).

We would like to fill this time with short (2 min max) home made films of the drivers who are in the next race. This could be about the build of the craft, interesting facts about the driver or just background info into your hovercraft life (eg branch meetings, race meetings, cruises etc).

Please can you create and record these films and pass them to a member of the media crew at the next two race meetings. Alternatively send them to Keith Oakley.

For non-UK competitors, if the file is too big to send, bring a disc/stick copy to the World Champs.

Please can you let me know who is making a film.


Chris Daly

7-Jul-10, 08:05 PM

If your struggling we've some lovely advertising footage for our Sprinkler Systems which we could donate free of charge...... Lol!!!


Team Nationwide Fire 503 (No.118) & F1 (No.8)

Keith Oakley
7-Jul-10, 09:23 PM
Thanks but we've already got some paid ads! If possible I would prefer the videos in .flv format (the same as You Tube) but we can handle other formats.