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10-Jul-10, 06:43 AM
It is with great sadness that i have to annouce that Roy Barnes sadly died yesterday 09.07.2010 after a bravely fought illness,
Roy as many of you know has been involved in hovercrafting for a great many years building his first Air Lubricat in 1973/74.
Roy also achived a record during speed water trials on Loch Lubnaig in 1978, in a speed of 44.823mph over a measured mile which he held for a number of years.
Roy could often have been seen with in his craft around the Norfolk coast and at varous shows, fetes and charitble events around the area and will be sadly missed by all that knew him.
Our thoughts are with Anne his wife and his family at this sad time.

The East Anglian Hovercraft Club


Mustang Hovercraft
10-Jul-10, 11:52 AM
That is very sad news indeed :(

I knew Roy - and visited him & Anne several times at his home in Rackheath.

His Air Lubricat Hovercraft were distinctive and innovative - and fun to fly! He was an inspiration to me and no doubt to many others.

He was a true Gentleman in every sense.

RIP Roy.

10-Jul-10, 09:28 PM
Sorry to hear this news.
I have always been fascinated by Roy's unique Air Lubricat craft and was lucky enough to ride with him on a cruise from Sheppey a few years ago.
My condolences to his family.

Derek Sweetman

12-Jul-10, 09:23 PM
roys funeral is on monday 19*july.2.45. at st faith crematorium. 75 manor road.horsham.st faith.norwich. NR10 3LF.

Keith Oakley
13-Jul-10, 10:15 AM
Anita and I were very sad to hear of the passing of Roy Barnes, an old friend and a pioneer of long distance offshore cruising, 30 years ago.

I think I remember Roy racing at one of the two Thames Hover Races in central London in '69 & '70. But the magazine archive confirms he took part in the Tattershall Rally of October 1971 in Air Lubricat II, in the 'over 500cc class' Interesting event, mostly the craft did a single timed lap, one at a time, but by the 3rd 'race' they actually let 3-4 craft out at once! see http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?21739-Nov-71 So Roy really was a pioneer during the very early days of racing!

But Roy became much more famous for his cruising activities like riding the Severn Bore, exploring Morecambe Bay and at Loch Lubnaig in '78 achieving a staggering 44.823mph average over both ways on the measured mile. He regularly joined me for the Mont St Michel Bay cruises in Normandy in the early '80s. Cruising the 6 miles across the quicksands and rivulets of the Bay to the towering rock of Mont St Michel was a regular trip during the week, Roy did it 14 times. But he also explored the wider bay often disappearing over the horizon in the general direction of the Channel Islands. http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?21889-May-83
In the evenings over a campfire he would tell us of his regular cruises off his native East Anglia coast. I remember him describing one North Sea cruise where mist having descended he could no longer see the shore. So he stopped by a fishing boat, in those pre GPS days, and asked for directions to Lowestoft, 15 miles away.

Roy was a carpenter by trade and it showed in the beautiful construction of his many wooden craft; every one characterised by the twin vertically mounted lift fans at the front of the craft. His machines were very reliable but if the thrust at the back failed he could rely on enough forward thrust from the lift fans to get him home

Roy was a fearless explorer, a gentle giant, kind and sympathetic to others. We will miss him. Our thoughts are with Anne and the children.

Keith and Anita

14-Jul-10, 06:18 AM
Sad news indeed. I remember cruising with Roy on the Loire back in '85 and on many other occasions on the Wash and on the Medway. He was one of the nicest guys I've ever met on the cruising scene.
He was indeed one of the pioneers of the sport. My condolences to his family.