View Full Version : Problems with website

Rob Cooper
14-Jul-10, 08:57 AM
When I click on the menus across the top (About, calender ect) the main page covers the options in the drop down box, can anyone help?



14-Jul-10, 09:01 AM
You need to close all the boxes underneath with the little arrows in the corners

The Dragon
14-Jul-10, 10:08 AM
Or upgrade your browser - apparently that solves no ends of problems!!

14-Jul-10, 10:33 AM
I have been trying to order worlds clothing but the payment keeps failing. Have tried a couple of different cards (yes they are mine and not stolen recovered ones) but keep getting the same result................PAYMENT FAILED
Can anyone shed some light on it for me?

(louise please help)

14-Jul-10, 09:37 PM
i had the same problem with my cards.then clicked on paypal ( second choice) that worked ok