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15-Jul-10, 09:49 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am trying to help a youth group start up with a Hovercraft, we need all the help we can get, does any one have a hull they are no longer in need of.... and an engine...... any help will be greatly appreciated.... This is for a small youth group in Bradford, some of the kids have not spent a night away from the estate.... I hope to be able to support them in getting up and running.......
I hope to be able to make this a success for them and hope to be able to welcome new club members as a result....

Brian G. Reynolds
15-Jul-10, 10:41 PM
Hi David, sorry my friend I can not help you with anything but I wish you good luck with this!

I good cause!

Well done mate,


Mark T
4-Aug-10, 10:05 AM
Hello Mate,

It wont be much by the time I've stripped it down to build my new craft but you're welcome to my old hull for free. It will need a new duct and console though as I'm taking those for the new craft too.

Good Luck


4-Aug-10, 07:33 PM
If it helps, if Mark is offering his Moto hull for free, you can have mine also, the hull is a little tired, but is has the duct, flow straighteners, rudder and console...... all for free, also we have a 850mm Diameter duct, c/w with flow straighteners and engine frame - (gear box version, off our old blue Primo) which can be donated for free.

Let me know.

Good Luck!!


Team Nationwide Fire - No. 118 (503) & No. 8 (F1)

5-Aug-10, 06:50 AM
We are donating the 'pig' hull.

Has anyone got a 447 engine to donate so that they can race in 'novice' juniors?


5-Aug-10, 07:00 AM
HOLD ON, any left over bits you can save for me too.

Send them to:

Temple Street, LLANDRINDOD WELLS, ( just down from the Metropole Hotel.) LD15DU. tel 01597 825443

You guys are the best. ;)

11-Aug-10, 09:17 PM
Thank you the kids would love to have a second hull to do up / repair / work on, I will sort out collection from you at some stage after the worlds! My craft still needs a lot of work, but as always not enough time and too much paid work to do!
Thank you every one for your generousity!
Still need an old 447 for the kids to start with, please all look in you garages and sheds, some one must have one!
Thank you again

Tristan Rhodes
17-Aug-10, 08:45 PM

If you have a way of transporting it away.... do you want me to bring Darren's Moto hull to the worlds?

19-Aug-10, 07:52 AM

If you have a way of transporting it away.... do you want me to bring Darren's Moto hull to the worlds?

If not, I'm local to Towcester and can keep hold of it, and we can move it up in the next few weeks.