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hover snapper
18-Jul-10, 09:08 PM
here is the latest story of the weekend in pictures posted!!

http://www.hovercraftvideo.co.uk (http://www.hovercraftvideo.co.uk/)

had a brilliant weekend. lovely venue.
has great possibilitys for the future.

hear is the funnyest moment for me this weekend.

now there's bound to be some funny captions for this!!

Brian G. Reynolds
18-Jul-10, 09:36 PM
Excellent pictures there!

That is an interesting start! It looks quite a technical course?


19-Jul-10, 07:15 AM
How many people does it take to pull a tent peg out?
Attachment 5818 (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=5818)

Jon Pert
19-Jul-10, 07:19 AM

The annual Hoverclub pole dancing contest turns into a farce.

19-Jul-10, 07:32 AM

The annual Hoverclub pole dancing contest turns into a farce.

We should have one of those at Claydon ;)

19-Jul-10, 07:55 AM
i told you we didn't need to concrete them in

19-Jul-10, 09:46 AM
Press Gang Recruits new member


The Dragon
19-Jul-10, 10:01 AM
Oh and I thought they were just trying to pick Jo up and throw her in the lake for her Birthday!!! Funny how things can get mis-interpreted so easily.......

21-Jul-10, 01:26 PM
;) "The Hoverclub actobatic team try rehearsing the 'wagon wheel' manoeuvre!" ;)

That boingy bollard was obviously in the wrong place. Mark it and put it where they are always being knocked out!!

21-Jul-10, 04:06 PM
"Right!" said Jo
"I've had it up to here with that mole trashing our grid. We're going in!"

http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=5818&d=1279487187&thumb=1 (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=5818&d=1279487187)