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24-Jul-10, 06:35 PM

I'm pretty new to this game and have been hounding local schools who have built or are building hovercraft as well as Scouts into doing something more than just putting a teacher in it for a sneaky ride on the Health and Safety grounds.

I know some of you have covered the groundwork for the paperwork side of this, the fact we have been able to turn up with our old tired osprey has provoked renewed interest so I'd like to try an knock down the issues raised by being pre-armed.

First question was "have you got a risk assessment form", (outside of yes it can be risky what the hell isn't), I'd like to be able to be more helpful.... Kids are interested and so are the teachers

Anyone with practical of experecnes of the issues likely to come up and answres to the naysayers please let me know, or point me to the corners of the website where I have missed it.

Help, hints and ideas all welcome,


25-Jul-10, 07:47 AM
Why not just contact Keith Lovell, the youth officer? He works with a school hovercraft team so he must know all about these things. Or Ewan Black or Keith Smallwood.
I'd suggest that you need to make sure any craft used was very safe so look at every aspect including covering hot parts, extra guarding on rotating assemblies, check for sharp edges.
As someone who's written loads of risk assessments, the key things is not to rely too much on a generic document. Use one as a template or to give you clues as to what should be included. You need to look at it on a site/situation specific basis. You need to include "what ifs" so you can predict and deal with risk situations. e.g. what if the throttle sticks? what if the fan explodes? what if the craft stops suddenly sideways?
You'll need to lok at where the craft is to be used. Are there hard objects around such as trees? Any gradients or drops?

You get the idea.


Ewan Black
25-Jul-10, 11:06 AM
Happy to talk you through it, would prefer to do so by phone, as I hate typing long messages