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26-Jul-10, 07:46 PM
Why was my "Sorry But "posting removed to some far flung corner.
It was not contentious and I deserve an answer.
What on earth is going on.
Who effectively censored it by moving it.
Have we lost all rights to be advised why the the club appears to be in such turmoil.
It appears that only a few members on committees have any say in current events.
At the moment I am in despair and feel totally shut out of what is happening.

If whoever is responsible shoves this one under the carpet then at least extend me the courtesy of a PM to explain.

Totally Miffed,


Ewan Black
26-Jul-10, 09:27 PM
Do you mean this one?

It's where you left it, in the general forum

Jon Pert
27-Jul-10, 05:50 AM
I moved it Kip. As far as I am concerned it is a club related matter so I moved it into the club member area of the board.

The members (you included) wanted member areas to discuss things off the publically viewable boards, you've got them and you're not using them. Glad we made the effort.

ETA: Not shoving things under the carpet, or censoring just putting things in the appropriate place. Whatever you may think members don't only look at the General Forum in the public area. They look at all the forums.