View Full Version : The Worlds Photos!!

hover snapper
30-Aug-10, 08:31 PM
have tons of photo's
not all in great focus :(
weather was a bit rubbish!! but had a fantastic time.
dispite coming home with no tent!! got distroyed, left that in the skip!!
spent the last night in the camper!

this one only looks good small!! I was along way off!!

hope I got everybody.
if not, im sure roger got you.
I was in a team with him.

to see more goto http://www.hovercraftvideo.co.uk (http://www.hovercraftvideo.co.uk/)

warning photo overload!! you may get board!! :p

did get some of the closing cerimony but was a bit far off for a flash! and the lights were not quite bright enough.
and was at totaly the wrong angle for the opening!! but took them anyway!!

well done to everybody who helped out there were many jobs and many helpers!!:D

Brian G. Reynolds
31-Aug-10, 07:14 AM
Excellent pictures so far, well done...

Only looked at the "organising/setup" pictures! wow, what a lot of work!!

Well done everyone!

Will look at the others whilst "working".....

Dont tell the boss!