View Full Version : Marshals at the Worlds

Bill Baker
31-Aug-10, 10:12 AM
On behalf of the BBV ER team My grandson Voy, son Rupert and me wish to say how much we appreciated the endurance and dedication of those marshals who stood out in the rain not once but three times for well over the hour .
Without them we wouldn't have been able to have the fun we did, I hope the weather has improved before we meet up again at Clayden.
Regards Bill Baker.

The Dragon
31-Aug-10, 10:50 AM
I have (for once :p) to agree with Bill - You guy's and girls did an amazing job, not just the ER but the whole event. Hope you are having a much deserved rest!

31-Aug-10, 07:17 PM
I will agree with all thats been said. They all deserve a new pair of Orange wellies.With out them there would`nt be any racing, No racing = no BRITISH World champions and no photo`s. Well done every one of you.
Andy stop getting too close to the action Ha Ha