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10-Oct-10, 11:34 AM
going to meet with Cholomondeley again soon to arrange stuff for next years Pageant, would like some suggestions:

ways to make it easier for public to get to us
infield displays or activities to generate awareness of the club/cruising/racing
other suggestions to improve the weekend

cheers Tony

Keith Oakley
10-Oct-10, 11:55 AM
Broadband internet access - its the only site we don't have 3G access, therefore no live coverage.

10-Oct-10, 07:59 PM
The HCGB cruising course I attended in April required us to demonstrate manoeverability over varying terrain, simulated rescue (passing ropes) and water launches. Very different to racing, but just as interesting and challenging. So a timed course based on that scenario , which 'celebs' could have a go at without needing a licence, and say an explanatory commentary, could boost interest in the wider sport scenario and might be a challenge in itself. Different pace and image to the 'regular' racing.

Not sure how it would work in that location as a side activity but food for thought.


daddy goose
10-Oct-10, 08:00 PM
Hi Tony,
It would be great to get our cruising pals involed to show the public all areas of our fansinating sport, we need to get something going on the main lake.

we need to inprove the public viewing somehow, theres only a very small parts of the couse they can see, perhaps making a path behind the pits so the public can see the water exit and entry around the tree line.

What a great opertunity to get ourself intregrated into this pagent of power, people are fasinated in anything differant, lets plan something they wont forget, any help i can give, bring it on.

11-Oct-10, 06:47 PM
Craft tug-o-war.
Could a 35hp Sev with a monster size fan or prop out pull an integrated craft with 2 or 3 times the hp?


12-Oct-10, 08:14 AM
It would probably depend on the weight of the craft. My sev pulls approx 175 lbs static. This was measured in a workshop by tying the craft to a car ramp with a spring balance in the line. probably no that accurate, but a good indicator of how much thrust I had available. I can see the old argument being ressurected, of which is the better design. Both types of craft designs have their advantages & disadvantages. I personally do not like the skirt on the sev, but it works very well , but I do tend to damage mine quite a bit.:( I think this is more down to my lack of piloting skills rather than skirt design:o. Basically it boils down to what you need the craft for, how much noise you can put up with, is it used on mainly on water or land, there are a whole list of for and against for both types of designs. I am currently building an integrated craft which will be used for racing, but for crusing I will stick with my sev:)

18-Oct-10, 09:09 AM
There is a fantastic opportunity for the club. I,m sure there are many cruisers that would be able to show there craft. Maybe the larger craft could ferry the punters from the track to the hcgb race event.
Between the power boat event we could put on a demo on the same lake. For punters who take up new membership we could take them out for a short trip. This all depends on how much space in the main event we could have. Let us know and i,m sure we could put on a show similar to the Evsham balloon festival.

18-Oct-10, 12:15 PM
some good ideas Bryan - i'm meeting them next week and will put suggestions to them

and i'll ask for Phil the burger man to be there to serve the club not necessarily public


James Limburn
21-Oct-10, 12:31 PM
Just try not to have the course changed too much - I only got one race less a lap in Novices before the craft broke but I LOVED the circuit!

Ewan Black
22-Oct-10, 05:35 PM
A separate short course on the lines of a rally superspecial, with two craft going head to head = eg matched 503s, with good commentary to gee the crowd up, could use part of the power boat lake in between their races as a taster to attract to the main course