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Mustang Hovercraft
13-Oct-10, 03:03 PM
Hi all

I am posting following clearance from the moderator with regards to the Hovercraft Museums new eBay presence.

The Museum has recently received certification by Mission Fish UK as a registered charity to sell direct via eBay. In addition eBay members may now also select the Hovercraft Museum to receive a donation following the sale of their own items.

The Museum will be offering all kinds of items to boost fundraising - from Postcards to DVDs - Clothing - Merchandise - Vintage Magazines - Brochures and Books. Rarer items will also be made available where the Museum has multiples in the collection.

I hope some of the items will be of interest to people in the Hovercraft family :)

You can view our eBay for Charity information page here:


You can also view our current listings here:


Thanks for your time :)

Brian G. Reynolds
13-Oct-10, 03:50 PM
Excellent, I know where my money will be going....