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Keith Oakley
31-Jan-11, 04:37 PM
http://www.cellaenergy.com/ - a way to encapsulate hydrogen in nano particles that look like a fluid or tissue paper. Thus hydrogen produced from unpredictable sources like solar, wind, waves or tide can be stored, shipped in pipes or tankers to fuel your car or plane 'with minimal mods'.
I wonder........

1-Feb-11, 06:44 AM
the idea of badding polysterene beads however small to your jet fuel is an exciting one....... only carries 6% by weight of hydrogen so thats 94% carbon...... methane is 20% hydrogen, alcohol would be as good but a waste of good gin (replace with your preference.... :) ).

2-Feb-11, 11:14 PM
I think its been done before:

... trap a complex chemical hydride inside a nano-porous polymer .... making it possible to handle it in air..


As Hydrogen is lighter than air, would a vehicle experience an apparent net gain in weight (not Mass) as fuel is burnt off. So hovercraft would slow down at the end of a race.

If this ever takes off as a commercial fuel, would racing craft have to use specific Polymer/hydride 'bubbles' to ensure consistent safety vs performance? I guess the Polymer would have to be bio degradeable to ensure 'Polymer Dumping' has limited impact on the environment-unless recycling is financially attractive. Then you'd have people siphoning used polymer bubbles out of your tank to get the deposit back.

Would you need 2 tanks on board, (one for used 'beads/bubbles') or some flexible design?

Sorry- its gone midnight......