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8-Feb-11, 11:36 AM
Received the following email - in case anyone's interested:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you as I thought some of your members might be interested in our project. We believe our goal of creating a Hoverboard can be reached by openly connecting the ideas of a digital community with the energy of corporate design, skate, marketing and engineering firms. We believe the story of inventing the Hoverboard is just as exciting as inventing one. We are wanting to start a community where people can come to discuss the Hoverboard in the hope that with the knowledge acquired a Hoverboard will be built.

We are looking for a Project Manager to run this project. I thought with your members enthusiasm for the Hovercraft the there may well be some interest for our project too.
The details of the job are below. Our website is:


Thank you for your time in advance,


Product Manager

Job Description
The Product Manager is responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the Hoverboard product lifecycle, including:
Gathering and prioritizing product.
Stakeholder and customer requirements.
Defining a clear product vision.
Working closely with partnered firms to ensure functional design and customer satisfaction goals are met.
The goal is to build a working prototype of a hoverboard by 4:29pm on the 21st of October 2015.

The Hoverboard Product Manager is expected to:
Define the product strategy and roadmap.
Deliver MRDs and PRDs with prioritized features and corresponding justification.
Begin to build and curate an online community of experts and volunteers.
Work with external third parties to assess partnerships and licensing opportunities.
Run beta and pilot programs with early-stage products and samples.
Be an expert with respect to the competition.
Act as a leader within the company and community.
Document, openly, the story of invention.
Required experience and knowledge:
Minimum of 5 years experience as a Product Manager or advanced dual degree in Marketing and Engineering.
Strong enthusiasm in defining and launching excellent products.
Design-thinking approach.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Bachelor's degree (MBA preferred).
Technical and marketing entrepreneurial background, with experience developing consumer products.
Excellent teamwork skills and ability to sled manage.
Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority.
Must be able to travel 20% of the time.
Strong IT skills, particular in team distance collaborative technology.
Digital native.
Excited by science, fiction and science fiction.
A strong and unwavering desire to live in a world with hoverboards.

Additional information:
We believe our goal can be reached by openly connecting the ideas of a digital community with the energy of corporate design, skateboard, marketing and engineering firms. It will be the core goal of the Product Manager to coordinate these opportunities to achieve a working hoverboard.

We believe the story of inventing the hoverboard is just as exciting as inventing one. It will be the goal of the Product Manager to set this story in motion and begin to capture it live.

We choose the hoverboard.

The Hoverboard Program is part of the virtual start-up NFSF.
NFSF was founded by Stafford Green, head of the Coca-Cola Content Factory (Paris, France) and Andy Sandoz, Creative Director for the Work Club agency (London, England) in 2010.
The Hoverboard Program is angel-funded by a start-up grant from Coca-Cola Zero.

This is a 12 month contract part-time position.
Building the Hoverboard is a lead responsibility; assignment also includes additional roles for content creation for Coca-Cola Content Factory Team. This includes documentary of Hoverboard development as well as other engineer-centric marketing responsibilities.

Salary: Up to $70'000 (USD) depending on experience.

Online. Anywhere: with preference Palo Alto, London or Paris.