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22-Mar-11, 08:11 PM
in the interests of "awareness" not that of an advert and as HCGB have yet to put on a training weekend of their own, this may be of use to some of our hovercrafting ‘newcomers’:
And it can only be good for our sport in general.
HoverClub are staging a training event over the weekend of April 16, 2011 - April 17, 2011 it’s being staged at two venues one near Blackburn and the other near Bristol, links:

NORTH (http://hoverclub.org.uk/index.php/topic,1858.0.html)

SOUTH (http://hoverclub.org.uk/index.php/topic,514.0.html)

The event is very low cost with only a small contribution towards site costs and free training (although it’s a HoverClub members only event so you would need to pay the Ł15 HoverClub membership fee)

Jon Pert
22-Mar-11, 08:13 PM

Nick Drew
23-Mar-11, 08:20 AM

I hope its a success! I know the previous ones have been.


8-Apr-11, 06:18 AM

just a reminder,
only 2 days left to register (closes on the 10th april) and a week to the event