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30-Mar-11, 02:47 PM
Hi all,
At the AGM I was asked to tell here, what I have done a couple of years ago in Madagascar for HoverAid. To be honest it was fun and lost about 9 kiloís doing it !!
Most of you know about HoverAid as the UK foundation see: www.hoveraid.co.uk (http://www.hoveraid.co.uk/)
But I was involved with the Dutch foundation at www.hoveraid.com (http://www.hoveraid.com/) (sorry all in Dutch). The foundation asked me as relief pilot to replace the country manager who was in Holland with his wife, for the birth of their first child. The River Rover Craft was brought there some months before I was there. First part by trailer and the last part over the river. Hauled up the bank and stored at a small house provided by the council/community. Just Google Earth for Ankavandra at the Manambolo river.
When I was there, I explored the river up and down stream and one major contributor. All in all, I did 1100 km in over two weeks. Transported stuff/people/medicines etc. etc.
In the near future Iíll ask if the club magazine has some space for the whole story. If you have questions about the above just shoot me an E-mail.

Greetings from Holland
Wouter Castendijk