View Full Version : Left at Rother Valley

1-Jun-11, 06:15 PM
Various bits of tat left behind after the weekend include;
Red plastic 10L petrol ready can
Karrimor insulated mug with lid
large black umberella
green fold up chair
Renault Master van

let me know if they are yours (except for the last one which Mikey has already claimed) and I'll bring them to Towcester.


6-Jun-11, 07:38 PM
did anyone find tristans hull LOL!!!!!

and Darrens mojo (left on the starting line last F1 race when his lift engine was trying to escape from its mountings and fly off) LOL also!!

cant understand why he didnt just go for it and sink - we proved we can trust international rescue (rother branch) to seek and recover sunken craft