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7-Jun-11, 02:11 AM
OK it's gone 3am, can't sleep, but i've been thinking how can the Worlds/Europeans/UK/USA racing be better aligned

first start with a policy - anyone with a hovercraft that meets regulations should be allowed to participate

Suggestion 1 - F1 continue as flagship unlimited formula, all other craft race in open race classes based on time trials results, no small grids, nobody is excluded, all will be racing against similar speed craft so exciting close racing

Suggestion 2 Broader Formula classifications by engine Hp not cc

Formula 60 - up to 60Hp (would include F503, F1X, F50, F3 new breed 450 4 strokes, new engine developments like Owen's supercharged F35's - thinks this would make a very interesting, developing formula )

Formula 150 - up to 150Hp (covers most F2's and FS's without being silly)

Formula 1 over 150Hp (flagship formula)

Formula 4 stroke - up to 35Hp industrial 4 stroke (many USA craft)

Juniors race F60 or 4 stroke

Cadet class ? like USA entry level - safe but not too slow

Endurace class - endurance compulsory part of any world championships current rules relating to noise/fuel consumption excellent

Suggestion 3 form a new World Federation which has inclusivity and fairness as it's core and start from there - the UK and USA do this well, no picking and choosing by host nations

just my opinion Tony

8-Jun-11, 06:55 AM
Good points for discussion Tony. I think it would be worth submitting your formula suggestions to our own Comps Committee too.

Solution 2 sounds perfect....but un-policeable? Every year since F25/F35 was introduced at world level we have had appeals, or at least bad feeling and bad mouthing, over hp of winning F35 craft, so I could forsee a lot of appeals over classification, that I am not sure are measureable in a field for verification?

8-Jun-11, 08:45 AM
policing couldn't be easier

Horsepower and thrust are directly related, there's a limit to how much you can pull with a given Horsepower - set a sensible Hp/ thrust limit for each formula - top 3 finishers quickly hook up to a set of scales at the end of a race plus random thrust tests on the grid

i think Nick Long did a thing on it in one of the magazines once

provide a set of calibrated scales in the thrust test area for anyone to use, driver is responsible for ensuring meets thrust limit


Jon Pert
8-Jun-11, 11:47 AM
I take it the HP classes are based on total HP of the craft including lift engine where appropriate?

8-Jun-11, 12:58 PM
yes jon

makes all formulae a very open design format fundamentally regulated by thrust/Hp (in fact thrust is the only thing easily measurable at a race meeting)

move away from cc or wether lift is direct driven/upside down/looks like a dodgy engine to me

thrust/Hp eliminates all that, theres only so much thrust 60Hp and 150Hp can produce

it would be interesting to see if any one format dominates, my guess is none will

over the past few years F3's and F503's have been so closely matched, F1X's are a bit heavier and seem no quicker than 503's or F3's so gain no real advantage having a lift engine and perhaps we all agree they should not be in with the F1's

what about future engines ? Owen Ellis's supercharged F35 engine was around the 50Hp mark, current 450 motocross engines are 50-55 Hp stock, my twin 125 kart engines add up to 58Hp stock

another thing to consider - electric hovercraft - with electric TT bikes now knocking out 200Hp and 95mph average laps how do we regulate that - thrust is the key and so easily measurable and , again, directly related to Hp

here's a thought - lets pilot it - run 503/F3/F1X as a single race, score points like in opens and see what happens - maybe we'd get three races a day !! - sounds like we need to discuss over a beer at Towcester

also it would prevent 503's racing in what is genuine F2 and F1X's racing in F1 - the speed differential is dangerous in these formulae at the moment


Jon Pert
8-Jun-11, 01:03 PM
sounds like we need to discuss over a beer at Towcester

I think this is the best and official way to discuss such things. http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/beer.gif