View Full Version : To New Members from Towcester

13-Jun-11, 10:19 PM
Just a note to welcome the new members who joined the Club at Towcester over the weekend. I hope you all enjoyed driving my Scat hovercraft or having a ride in it and also the drive around the course in the blue and white craft.

I must say that you did not have the best weather conditions for your first drive in a hovercraft but you did very well. From the enthusiasm shown by most I feel that we will be seeing some of you getting a hovercraft in the not too distant future and having a go at the racing or getting involved with the recreational side of the Club.

Hopefully, we will see you at one of the Club events soon or at one of the Branch meetings where our existing members will make you welcome and give you help and advice as to how to enjoy hovercrafting to the full. Contact details for the Branch nearest you can be found on this website and will also be in the magazine which will be sent to you each month.

Once again, welcome to the Club and I hope to see you all again at a future meeting.

Bob Beech.