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Tristan Rhodes
28-Jun-11, 11:25 AM
I suppose it is more akin to a helicoptor, but still interesting!

He needs to grow some nuts though and extend the tethers, or at least put them on runners so he can move.

Without gyrposcopic blades though, i fail to see how he can alter the pitch/yaw of the vehicle as there seems to be no way of directing the air to control the orientation of it (except maybe one i can see)


28-Jun-11, 02:11 PM
There has been a lot of comments about this hoverbike on other forums & everyone seems to have the same view that it will not work and probably not get over the air hump, which I hadn't realised existed, but apparently it does. A lot of people think its some sort of scam to try & find investors, but I'm no expert so I aint going to comment on it.

It would be a great idea if it could be got to work, but look out below if it has a breakdown a few hundred feet up, unless someone as invented anti gravity. Imagine that thing falling on your roof:eek:

29-Jun-11, 01:16 AM
It is certainly not a scam, very genuine one man development with lots of outside help from very interested persons as you can imagine and very welcome for more.

The current prototype is the first iteration and as with most things that require development it won't be the last one. The control systems and "ground effect" issues as well as forward motion are all being worked on, it is time consuming and a slightly expensive project so far, so outside funding assistance is welcome at the website, as is technical assistance.

The basics have mostly been addressed previously by the likes of Hiller Aircraft and a lot of others so issues are known and this project is about using that groundwork and pushing it forward.

If it fails it will fail for genuine operational reasons and not from being a scam, detractors are part of the progress problem, it is a catch22, ask for assistance either knowledge, research or financial and cop the bad with the good.