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8-Aug-11, 07:54 AM
6228Subdued will be first on the billat the Gang Warily concert.

They are a rock band playing their own music and some covers.

6227The second band is Bone Idle

Bone Idle are a three piece Rock Band playing their brand of Classic Rock covers ranging from AC-DC, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top through to U2, Queen, REM and The Cult…..

The band has been producing good rock music to audiences across the south coast for over 20 years…. They take the music seriously but they don't take themselves toooo seriously so a good time is had by all....

6229Headlining will be Dropzone

Dropzone are a 4 piece from the South coast of England that has been playing alternative rock / metal tunes for nigh on a decade.

“Formed in 2001 the bands ethos has changed substantially to what they are now in 2010. During the changes of personnel over the years we now bring to our audience what we feel is most important and that is modern alternative rock played as if each song was our very last.

With our current set based around covers of the most respected alternative metal bands that headline the rock & metal festivals this year, our own compositions are growing not only in catalogue but also in popularity as venues begin to shout our hooks back to us in the exact same passion as when they were wrote.

We want DZ to remain a band for the people with our performances being all about our friends and supporters thus our stage is your stage. Often you will find musicians joining us on stage creating a spontaneous & unique experience which is something we are very passionate about. We play hard and party hard so come and join DZ in keeping music evil!”

The event will now start for music at 6.30pm after racing finishes and will carry on till 10pm sharp.

8-Aug-11, 12:13 PM
Sounds good, only wish I could be there

9-Aug-11, 07:16 PM
3 sets in 3 1/2 hours is going to be full on stuff.
nice one
lets hope the club members embrace the free spectacle

i guess its BYO or is there a beer tent on?

9-Aug-11, 07:34 PM
Hovercraft Racing and Live Rock Bands - that's a really good combination!! :D

10-Aug-11, 07:53 AM
i guess its BYO or is there a beer tent on?

BYO no problem, although I believe there will be a beer tent too - it's all being organised by the Centre.

We've got the bar in the Centre on Sunday night, along with the sports hall and 5-a-side court for a good kick-about.


24-Aug-11, 09:42 AM
Hi All,

My name is Nikki I am from Music Scene and we are arraigning all the music for Saturday night. I really hope you can all come along and have a great time, The bands are really looking forward to the gig,

One of the band members from Drop Zone would lobe to make his entrance to thr stage on a hovercraft, don’t know if any of you can make this happen???
My self and Dave will be on hand all day if you have any requests or questions, we can be found around the stage area (look for my red hair I cant be missed!)

Looking forward to meeting you all


24-Aug-11, 09:09 PM
Hi Nikki

I'll come over on Saturday & have a chat about things. If you've got any other queries about our side of the event before then please send me a PM and we can talk it through.

Kevin (organiser)