View Full Version : Gang Warily Video Replay & Results

Keith Oakley
30-Aug-11, 10:31 AM
The first video replay from last weekends racing at Gang Warily is now available at www.replay.raceresults.info (http://www.replay.raceresults.info) It's sunday session 2 - check out the F1 race starting at 65:44
More replays to come.

Laptimes and points tables from Gang Warily are also available on this link. 2011 season points are available at the top right hand of the page.

My thanks to everyone who helped make last weekend one of the most relaxing so far for me personally. A great weekend

30-Aug-11, 02:39 PM
Of the races I saw Sunday, this was my favourite. It was only after hearing your commentary that I realised this was a novice race - I should have guessed thou from the huge difference in speed that there was more than one size of engine involved.

Thanks for a great race

Keith Oakley
30-Aug-11, 04:39 PM
Glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you at Claydon - come and say hi to the commentary team

The video replays from all 3 days are now up on the replay website - www.replay.raceresults.info (http://www.replay.raceresults.info)