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Laggan outdoor
6-Sep-11, 08:33 AM
I run an outdoor activity centre on the solway coast and we are looking for our next adventure offering for our customers to keep them coming back. We recently started Off Road Segway adventure tours and they have been hugely poplular.

the bay that we are situated on is very tidal and twice a day, 6 miles of sand and shallow waters appear and I have always thought that this would be the perfect setting for Hovercraft adventure tours in 2 or 3 seater hovercrafts, running a follow the leader type tour where the customers paired up and took it in turns to pilot the craft. This would obviously be after some training at base first. Being new to these crafts I was really looking for some advice:-

Where should I start? Any types/makes of craft I should be looking at? What should I be looking to pay?
are there any hovercrafts which are build to withstand salt water and the on-set of corrosion or is this down to a good cleaning after each trip or could we coat them in something?
Would anyone be willing to come up with some crafts and try out the proposed routes for the tours and give us some feedback? Obviously costs can be covered and accommodation provided.
Is there any national standard training which we should be looking at for our instructors if we go ahead with this?

Sorry to be so poorly read up on this but I thought this forum may be a good starting point for pointers.

Thanks in advance.

Laggan Outdoor Ltd.

6-Sep-11, 09:11 AM
PM sent

Jon Pert
6-Sep-11, 11:00 AM
As Gavin has mentioned on the Cruising site I think you will have massive red tape issues with regard to 'general public' driving the craft because it is in a public area.

You would probably have to have remote cut outs as an extra safety feature amongst other things.

You would have to wash the craft off thoroughly at the end of each day as the salt will get everywhere.

Do you have a private field that you could use. It would be more viable if it was in a controlled environment.