View Full Version : Belated Gang Warily Photos

13-Sep-11, 06:36 PM
Hi all,

apologies if you have already seen these, as I usually send the gallery link to Kevin Foster and he posts it on the forum....However, I have not heard from him recently and did have a quick check through the messages, but could not see anything.

Photos are pretty much straight from the camera, taken on Bank Holiday Monday....I will work on tidying the RAW files of the better shots when time allows.....hope I did not miss anyone.


The gallery auto-plays each image and you can change the delay using the control under the main photo window...default is 7 secs, or you can just scroll and click the thumbnails.



14-Sep-11, 09:19 PM
thanks for taking the pictures, can i have or buy some of them from you please?

15-Sep-11, 07:42 PM
If you click the small down arrow in the bottom right above the thumbnails, this will open a new window with the image which you can right click and save.

If you want bigger sizes, let me know the image number displayed at the top.