View Full Version : Anyone near or passing by Reigate, Surrey?

15-Sep-11, 09:10 PM
Does anyone live near (or will be passing) Reigate, Surrey in the next week or so and coming to Jakes?
I've bought an engine for the replacement of 'little Scrapper' which I want to make availble to all comers next year, but its a 300 mile round trip. If anyone can collect it for me we will pay in cake.


Brian G. Reynolds
15-Sep-11, 09:42 PM
Hopefully not needed Dan, but I just had a BMW K100 engine sent by pallet from darkest Norfolk to Sheffield for 70. Which I thought was quite good, especially as I hate driving!


15-Sep-11, 10:19 PM
Bernie Hook is your man, not far for him, if you swap the cake for beer I'm sure he will help

john tatt
16-Sep-11, 11:45 AM

I work in Redhill, Just down the road from Reigate and we will be at Jakes. Let me know if I can help

16-Sep-11, 05:58 PM
loooks like you should have it sorted Dan, but if not let me know.

we have engineers working in that general area next week

Scuba Kev
16-Sep-11, 06:17 PM
I'm working in Croydon at the moment so can also pick it up of needed!

Scuba Kev
16-Sep-11, 06:19 PM
Bernie Hook is your man, not far for him, if you swap the cake for beer I'm sure he will help

Does beer slow him down?

16-Sep-11, 07:30 PM
If it does Kev, I'm buying, till he drops, he's 4th in the 503 Championship....one point in front of me!!!

16-Sep-11, 09:06 PM
Thanks for the offer John, you have a PM.

20-Sep-11, 09:34 PM
i will be very happy to help dan,

i am also happy to swap 4th place in 503 for beer!!!

20-Sep-11, 09:37 PM
Bernie deal done.... I'll bring the beer!

20-Sep-11, 09:59 PM
All sorted, Thanks John.

As for the 503 championship, I always thought it was power that corrupted, but i supose if you on got 50 horse power maybe beer corrupts just as effectivly.

Thanks to everyone who offered to help