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4-Dec-11, 03:16 PM
Back in late 2002 a small number of intrepid members took hovercraft up the 1/4 mile drag strip at the Shakespeare Raceway near Stratford upon Avon. The dragstrip owners still talk about it now - we were next to them at the Motorsports UK show last month. Has anyone got any pictures of this please? They would like to see any pictures that might be around and would love to put something in their archive. There was something in the magazine at the time but there is a gap in our archive for the relevant period, so can anyone help please?

I'm talking to the raceway owners at the moment about a possible event there, possibly a race meeting, but it could easily be a drag event, hoverin or something else - they are very keen to be involved with us in some way - any ideas?


4-Dec-11, 03:24 PM
I think the Scrimshaws were involved.

Jim Lyne

Scuba Kev
4-Dec-11, 03:55 PM
Weren't John & Jamie there?

4-Dec-11, 07:01 PM
as far as i remember there was a magazine article with pics, it was Jamie and Jon Spedding

4-Dec-11, 09:25 PM
Yes it was me ( Jon ) Jamie , Anne and some one else i think . between 2002 and 2004 possible . Anne would no she sorted the event . Dad should be able to find the artical he has every mag . i remember i pissed a scoody driver off when i beat him . Cracking day out .

6-Dec-11, 11:48 AM
If there are any members in the Stratford upon Avon area who fancy the challenge of organising an event at Long Marston Airfield (where the dragstrip is located) please get in touch with me and I'll pass on all the information I've got so far. I'm too far away to be able to take anything through to completion and don't want this very positive approach from the site owners to be wasted. They are a very likeable bunch that we got on very well with at the Motorsports Show, with a very similar approach to us. They loved the idea of a Whacky Races weekend with a number of fringe (or at least less mainstream) motorports on show to bring the customers in. Who is up for it?


6-Dec-11, 12:04 PM

Pass info to me as I am only a spit away.

Jim Lyne

les bran
6-Dec-11, 06:25 PM
hi kevin i can deal with this as well. there very close to me.raced the old vw beetles there. 01295 711200 .

6-Dec-11, 06:47 PM
We actually went twice, Nov 2002 Me, Robin Brickles and Jon Spedding, and Nov 2004 me and Chris Easterbrook.

Time we did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For anyone that is interested


7-Dec-11, 09:26 AM
Thanks for looking up the magazine articles Jamie - makes interesting reading; up to 60mph in just over 100m - it will be very interesting to see what today's craft can do at the Nottingham big lake extravaganza next year after another 10 years of development.

Thanks for the offers from Les and Jim to take this over - I'll email the info through separately. If anyone else fancies helping with this - it will need a small team as with any event - contact them directly, or contact me and I'll pass your details on.


8-Dec-11, 05:54 PM
It was a very interesting experience, but the biggest hurdle was pointing yourself down a Tarmac surface, and not thinking, If I fall out it's going to hurt!!!!!
The first year, there was an evil crosswind, that was encountered approx half way down the slope, as you emerged pass the end of a berm, which completly upset the craft.

The second year, was worse, as there was a strong headwind that ruined everything!!!!

Scrutineering was hilarious,
Tyres, urm, no
Brakes, Urm, no
Seats, urm, not really
Seat belts Urm, no.
Ok, what do you have that's on my checklist? Fuel tank and a kill switch.
You've passed!!!!!

23-Dec-11, 02:30 PM
les and jim,

well done on taking an event on.

if you need any contacts for bars /BBQ/ice cream etc the folk who did hacketts are very very keen to be invited back for 2012 and might be ok with travel to stratford.

if i am correct there is still an unallocated date for 2012?