View Full Version : Can someone help identify this UK hovercraft report?

28-Dec-11, 10:06 PM
New member here, a Wankel enthusiast in the US, with a puzzler for his first post.

The 4wings site has a report on Wankel engine use in hovercraft that was published in Britain circa 1971. The report appears as a series of PDF files, 12 for the chapters with 5 for the appendices, linked on this page:


The report files are under the heading "Wankel rotary combustion engines in relation to other engines for hovercraft", which could be the actual title or similar, but the posted PDFs do not include the title page, names of author(s), or other bibliographic data such as the publisher. The first file starts with the table of contents with none of the front matter.

The British Library catalogue does not list anything with the two keywords "Wankel" and "hovercraft", nor does that of US Library of Congress. Since this club and forum is based in Britain, perhaps someone reading this is familiar with the report and could give the bibliographical details?

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone here can give.

28-Dec-11, 10:30 PM
The hovercraft that first comes to mind that used a Wankel engine is the Hoverhawk 1971 is about the right time this link is to the hovercraft museum which has all the details.

Kind regards
Derek Sweetman