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11-Jan-12, 05:33 PM

This young man was recovering from brain surgury and came along to the media day at Hacketts Lake as part of the charity race publicity. He was one of 5 or so who the hospital brought over and he came back over the weekend to watch us all race.
he just loved it.
He went on to have a drive in a craft and really enjoyed himself.
I pushed another young man around in a wheelchair so he could see the craft at the wall of death.
It took me some time to realise he was totaly blind but he just loved the noise and he knew when an F1 went by. the rest were just pants he commented!!
I saw this just now when working on Hacketts 2012 and thought I'd shere this memory with you

11-Jan-12, 06:14 PM
that was wonderful to read... thank you for sharing xx

12-Jan-12, 06:23 AM

12-Jan-12, 06:43 AM
The lad in the picture was Sean.
We had difficulty finding a helmet that did not apply pressure to certain areas of his head.
He was great to teach and we have some pictures of him with Carl Froch.

It was a day to make us humble.


12-Jan-12, 07:13 AM
The smile on that lads face says it all.

Well done for making a few kids happy.

Myself and a few others in Scotland have been in touch with various charities in the past years or so to try and do a similar thing with cruising craft, but so far no one has taken us up on our offers. The local primary school head wants me to take my craft down the school when the weather warms up, but I would rather be doing something for either disadvantaged kids, chronically ill or handicapped/disabled kids.

13-Jan-12, 05:55 AM
Specifically -seek out the charity team in your local childrens ward/hospital. there will be one - they all have one.

those people will make it happen for you.

13-Jan-12, 07:11 AM
I will try that, many thanks.