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Seanery Con
23-Feb-12, 10:00 PM
Hello everyone!

I am working on a group project for my CAD/CAM course that involves designing and machining a small hovercraft. This hovercraft is not RC controlled, it will simply be placed on the ground (indoors) and released. The hovercraft will be judged on straight line speed.

There are other needs and target specs that have to be taken into account, such as: it must be easy to manufacture, it must be less than 1m in length and 30cm in width, it should weigh less than 5kg, should cost less than $100 (Canadian) or about 65 pounds (I think), and it must travel approximately 30m.

The professor is giving us access to small 7-9.6V DC motors ($10) and 8.3cm diameter propellers ($1), though we are not limited to them. My team is leaning towards a two motor design by machining high density foam for the base, using polyurethane coated nylon for the skirt (neoprene is too expensive), and powering the fans with 9V alkaline batteries.

Any comments/criticisms/recommendations you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

24-Feb-12, 01:10 PM
Don't bother with coated fabric. Just uses the lightest nylon ripstop you can find.