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26-Mar-12, 07:54 PM
Hi all,

hot off the press - the EHF have kindly consented to permitting the HCGB to run a combined F35/F3 class at the EHF weekend.

if any entrants would prefer the position in the programme to be between novice and junior rather than between junior and FS (so you might enter FS?) voice your opinion here and now.

26-Mar-12, 09:37 PM
Excellent news. I know at least one driver who will be delighted. Thanks to those people involved in organising this. :D :D

26-Mar-12, 10:07 PM
cool, the former sounds good.

27-Mar-12, 08:56 PM
hmmmm was thinking if every UK F3 entered FS it would show the europeans how strong we are and maybe a F3 on the FS podium would be cool


28-Mar-12, 12:07 PM
The former would get my vote to give the opportunity of FS.

Ewan Black
28-Mar-12, 06:07 PM
hmmmm was thinking if every UK F3 entered FS it would show the europeans how strong we are and maybe a F3 on the FS podium would be cool

Why don't all the integrated F3s do FS and the shaft drives do F3?

28-Mar-12, 07:44 PM
i think any F3 is allowed in FS now even shafties - i would like to think if enough F3's took part the world hosts might reconsider their exclusion of F3

Ewan Black
28-Mar-12, 08:48 PM
"Formula S (single) -Unlimited, single engine, single fan"
Euro regs as published, but listed as 2011. They haven't published anything for this year. I'm not aware of anymove away from single engined integrated craft for S, and certainly the new WHF regs are still S as before.

It would have to be Formaula A (any) otherwise:D

28-Mar-12, 09:21 PM
perhaps it is just world regs that alow it, it was agreed at the meeting conrad and jamie went to - jamie can you clarify ?

Ewan Black
28-Mar-12, 09:29 PM
World regs were published Dec 11,

Ewan Black
29-Mar-12, 05:54 PM
You're right Tony- if F3 is not run at a World's then all F3 are eligible in FS, if f3 is run, then situation normal
Europe will be the same if and when they publish their revised regs

29-Mar-12, 06:47 PM
The last whisper I heard is that EHF regs should (hopefully) be published next week. I'm not 100% sure if this is Construction Regs, Race Regs or both. If I hear more I'll let you know.


29-Mar-12, 11:15 PM
Should be both. EHF competitions and EHF construction sent to EHF web master for upload.

EHF rules will allow single engine craft upto 250 to run in FS regardless of number of fans.

WHF construction and competitions issued in December.

WHF rules allow any F3 craft to enter FS if no F3 race is being run.

slightly different, but same net effect.

2-Apr-12, 07:46 PM
for your information i am getting good guidance from the marshall boss advising that we need to put the F3 /F35 between F2 and F1.

am awaiting confirmation but anyway, take it as read its in the programme.

i hear trophies are also being procured - so squeeze up those pots to make a little more room on the trophy shelfhttp://www.hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/icon11.png

4-Apr-12, 09:23 PM
EHF Regs are released.


18-Apr-12, 11:18 AM
Sorry folks, but there has been a bit of a communication breakdown. Whilst we would like to have a separate F3/F35 race we cannot accommodate this into the EHF meeting at Nottingham.

Unfortunately F3 and F35 are not recognised as official EHF formulae, so the recent rule changes which allow ANY F3 spec craft (not just single engine, single duct) to enter FS will apply. Don't forget that HCGB has slightly different regulations regarding F3 lift engines, so make sure that you don't fall foul of this.

F35 drivers wishing to enter and race at this event will fall under EHF Regulation 3.3 I

"At the discretion of the Race Director, craft which do not fit within the Formula structure may be allowed to participate in the most appropriate Formula. Any points gained would not count towards meeting or championship results."

In all likelihood this will mean that F35 will race with Novices.

Another formula not used in EHF racing is our F1x - these do however fit the formula classification for F1.

Sorry for any disappointment, but it's out of our control. Don't blame Keith, it's not his fault.

Kevin Foster
Chairman: HCGB Competitions Committee

18-Apr-12, 05:45 PM
i think F3 in FS will show our willingness to participate at EHF events and will be appreciated as it was when Jamie Ricky and I went to Germany last year

F1x is being phased out as it has not met its original remit

unfortunatley the europeans see F35 as an endurance class that was the impression i got

nevertheless what a great event it will be i'm sure - thanks to all the organisers