View Full Version : spark erosion of rotax 447 carb

2-May-12, 01:40 PM
Anyone got access to a spark erosion machine that could remove a brass pilot jet from the ally body of a Bing 54 carb (tried drilling it out but it appears to have something very hard stuck in the centre - possibly a snaped drill or stud extractor).
Failing that has anyone got a spare carb or main body for a Bing 54 lying around suitable for a rotax 447 - need for our second Junior / Novice lend out craft.


2-May-12, 04:40 PM
I know a guy we use for work, who has a spark eroder in his garage. We use him for broken taps, drills etc.
He could prob do it if you can get it to me.


2-May-12, 04:45 PM
I have a bare 54 you can have .

Del Smart
2-May-12, 08:21 PM
Dan if you can get it to Magnolls or Northampton I can then deliver it to Jamie on Tuesday as I'm down in Brighton for a couple of days if that helps

Del Smart

3-May-12, 04:46 PM
Thanks guys. If i can take you all up on your generous offers.
See you at the weekend.