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8-May-12, 06:48 PM
be patient and if you get directed to the club sales page part way through click on the race event booking photo and you will get back to your shopping trolley.

remember to select at the bottom the collect on site option.

take your time ,theres a lot to select from :)

see you there. im all booked in and got my e mail reciept!

11-May-12, 07:46 PM
update- i am informed that the two hotel options I suggested are now fully booked for the first weekend.

you might have to surf around online if you haven't already made a booking

14-May-12, 07:01 PM
Hi Keith,

We are just about to make our booking for the Big Lake.
We will be bringing the Camper (so would like electric hook up), but wonder if the camping will be in a different place - obviously we need to have the children camped around us. We will be leaving the camper at the Lake for the whole week, but will probably come and go with the children so we could move the camper if needs be. Hope that makes sense! Could you let me know what you think.



14-May-12, 07:46 PM

We don't have the luxury of a campervan so will be in a tent, but as it's a 10 day stay we will be looking at getting an electric hookup for inside the tent. Will the area for tents be close to the area where an electric hookup will be available, or will this area just be for campervans? We have a 20m cable and have the ability to get our hands on a 25m extension, will we need the 25m extension or will the 20m cable be enough?



16-May-12, 05:48 AM
no problem with who what and where you connect to hook up and who might be near you that doesn't need it.

all i need to know is how many people have booked it by the 20th May , after which i order in the correct sized generator for only those bookings to keep cost control.