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17-Jun-12, 07:36 PM
just got back from the Cholomondeley Castle Pageant of Power weekend, we demonstrated hovercraft racing in front of huge crowds, loads of interest from the public, free food, free showers, free orchestra and fireworks display and free event wristbands all weekend, thanks to all who attended we all agreed it was a great weekend and the latest news is the organiser would like us to run a National race meeting as part of the Pageant next year and is offering the same free food/wristband deal

we put on mock open races during the day and put on a really good show, we had two F1's a F2, two 503's and three F3's which made a nice display with the ifo trailer and race van looking the part

various reliability problems eventually took us down to just 4 craft on the sunday but we still put on a great show and impressed the organisers with our professionalism as well as the spectacle we provided, if we were to race there it would be to the largest crowd we have ever seen at a race meeting an dunbelievable exposure

if we were to race there we would have to consider other things happening in our down times, during our paddock opens they would run thundercat speedboat races, but could we for instance let 2 minute rib boat rides for the public take place whilst we grid up the next race ?

comments please

18-Jun-12, 08:36 AM
Well done Tony. It sounds like you all had a brilliant weekend with loads of positive exposure for HCGB.

It would be great to race there again.

I'm not up on the logistics of the actual racing so can't comment on rides between the races, but I do know that down-time means that people often move on when there is something else to see at another part of a venue. Anything that we can do to get the public involved would be a very positive move for the club. Having a crowd that large that we didn't have to worry about finding is a great gift!

18-Jun-12, 09:15 AM
Hi Tony, it sounds like it was an excellent event and a great way to get more interest. Sorry I could not make it. Well done!

20-Jun-12, 10:15 AM
Thanks for a great weekend - really enjoyed it and well worth the effort.

The organisation of the water this year from the Chomondoley teams point of view was pretty terrible. This to me is the only draw-back for us holding a National meeting there. If we were to go ahead, we would need confirmation in advance that we would have complete control of the water for the entire weekend.

Having said this, i dont actually believe that this is a deal the organisers would opt for as they would be keen to have a variety of different marine vehicles on the water throughout the day - this year us, the ribs, the bobcats, the classic boats, the model boats etc. We would also need to think about the actual course layout to make it more appealing and adrenalin filled for the spectators, again something they would need to confirm well in advance.

If we could do it, it would be a massive benefit to the club, and would be well worth the effort that would everybody would put in. As Carla said being able to show off our unique sport to so many people is an opportunity that we can not afford to miss.

Thanks again Tony, and i am behind you all the way (unlike Nick who is on top of you all the way!!!)


Del Smart
20-Jun-12, 06:06 PM

Thanks again Tony, and i am behind you all the way (unlike Nick who is on top of you all the way!!!)


Erm not sure which is worst Prickle behind or Nick on top - anyway thanks Tony and everyone for all the effort made to promote the club.