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25-Jun-12, 02:35 PM
Hi All

Just a reminder that we're planning a cruise this saturday, subject to the weather playing ball. At the moment, the long range forecast is cloudy with some 20mph winds - not ideal but we'll monitor it as the week progresses. Gut feeling is that it'll work out okay though.

We've got a couple of new first-time cruisers coming with us, so I want to be sure it's safe and fun for them. We'll aim to launch at the Long Reach Ski Club, which is under the Sheppey Bridge.

I'll drop everybody an email who's expressed an interest in coming this week.

If you haven't registered your interest in receiving info about planned cruising events, please drop me an email.



28-Jun-12, 09:40 AM
South East cruising event, this Saturday 30th June.

Tide Times - Sheerness
Low 0323
High 0946
Low 1551
High 2213

Plan is to launch from the Long Reach Waterski Club. As the tides right up in the morning, I suggest we aim to depart mid-day and benefit from the falling tide. The access is pretty good, with a tarmac car park and launching area leading down to the water right under the (new) Sheppey Bridge.

To find the site, take the A259 from the M2 Motorway, direction Sheerness/Sheppey.
The shiny new bridge is approximately 5 miles along the A249 dual carriageway.
Just before you go over the bridge, take the exit onto the B2231, Ferry Road.
At the roundabout, turn left. Then first right.
After a couple of hundred yards, you'll see the entrance to the waterski club on the left.

As we have a few new owners, we may decide to split the cruise into two. The hardcore can shoot off and do some big miles and the other group (headed by a locally experienced, salty sea dog) will make a more modest tour of the Medway's classic destinations.

So far I have confirmed

Rachel Gifford
Chris Searle
Keith Oakley
Dave Sax

If you'd like to stay over in a campervan, the sites secure and we have permission to do so. Just let me know first please.


28-Jun-12, 05:58 PM
Hi Russ good luck this weekend. It is the best place to hover. I don,t think i could ever get board over there.
I hope i can make it over next time.

28-Jun-12, 10:21 PM
Bugger ! forgot to put this one in my diary.
Next time hopefully. Hope you have a good day.

The Dragon
29-Jun-12, 03:51 PM
Bugger ! forgot to put this one in my diary.
Next time hopefully. Hope you have a good day.

You're rubbish Hudson - we're only 30mins away, you could have come over and stayed the night!!!

29-Jun-12, 08:12 PM
I hope the weather is kind to you

Keith Oakley
30-Jun-12, 05:08 PM
Beautiful sunny, DRY, day although the wind made it a bit interesting. 9 craft including several newbies made the 20 mile run from Queensferry bridge in the Swale, west to Queenboro, then past Deadmans Island and on across the Medway estuary to the WW1 derelict submarine on the mud. - which used to be a course marker when we ran the Thames mudrace back in the 80s. Also perfected rescue technique for towing hovercraft stuck in gully out with 2 other craft. All craft returned pretty well faultless but rather muddy.
Thanks to Russ for setting it up.

Keith Oakley
1-Jul-12, 11:03 AM
The route

Queenboro pub stopover

Inspecting the sub