View Full Version : Treasure Hunt 11th 12th August

2-Jul-12, 09:15 PM
Hi everyone in planet hover. This is the annual Treasure Hunt in Berkeley,Glos. It takes place on the river Severn. It is open to all those who think they own an appropriate hovercraft.
This is a no pressure event and those participating can do as little or as much as they feel. Its just for fun of course!!!!.
The hunt takes place on the Saturday the on Sunday an option to take part in an organized cruise.
The tides this weekend are extremely low for this area. A great opportunity for the novice pilot to talk to more experienced and to buddy up. Safety first of course.
There is limited cheap B&B available if needed.
If the weather is going to be bad it will be canceled on Wednesday 8th. I,m sick of standing on the bank in the rain!!!!!. Its our turn for the Sun this year.

24-Jul-12, 08:35 PM
Just a reminder to those who are interested. Its always a good weekend for you cruisers.

Would someone be so good and post this on the event calendar for all to see....... cheers

25-Jul-12, 07:05 AM
Not sure I'm ever destined to do the 7! Too close to my return from the raid to make it. Next year, I'll do it next year!

Diary Secretary
25-Jul-12, 08:01 AM
It is by pure chance that I looked at this thread.....so I have put it on the calendar. In future please email or PM requests for diary entries to the Diary Secretary.