View Full Version : Sunday Hovercrafting

14-Aug-12, 07:44 PM
The day after the post Bruntingthorpe barbeque in the field, we gave hovercraft driving lessons to some 30+ colleagues and friends of both Emily (marshals often) and Kevin Tunaley (Banana Man pilot). We may have yet another new novice soon to try his skills with the Little Scrapper programme.

Kevin Thomas had also noticed that the right knee pad on his BBV F35 was slightly sunken after the sterling service it had given the previous day. He removed it to find a hole in the floor. That craft has done some terrific work. I guess we shall be fibreglassing before Gang Warily.

If you have some friends who may become or have just become HCGB Members who would love to drive a hovercraft contact me and I will try to accommodate them when we are active at the field.


14-Aug-12, 10:23 PM
Ah yes- there were some passengers 'of size' as the US airlines like to say :)

Along with the great fun hovering, there was the 'instant' barbie when we all racked up after the Asda do, Chris handing out beers, putting names to faces and just pitching in on both days to ensure the club got the best exposure.