View Full Version : Next Hovercraft Club Cruise - Saturday 8th September

31-Aug-12, 04:10 PM
Hi All

Quick reminder that next saturday is in the diary for a cruise.

We'll launch Long Reach, depart 10am, a coupel of hours before low water. Plan is to head down the Medway, through Gillingham/Chatham to the M2 Bridge. From thereup to the limit of navigation, its all pretty boring so we'll aim to turn round under the bridge and explore some more interesting bits of the river on the way back.

Expect around 40 miles of cruising in all.

Equip as usual - lifejackets, VHF/Waterproof mobile cover, flare kit, tow line and a chart of the area. Consider the navionics iPhone app (unless you don;t have an iPhone, inwhich case - don't. :)) HCGB Membership and insurance are required.

I'll email everyone on my list over the weekend to remind them.

I was going to suggest that we did a self sufficient overnight, taking tents, beer, BBQ and a roll of toilet paper. :D but I have demo's the following day so I can't do it this time. However, I have a feller coming over from Sweden early in October to come cruising with us, so unless it's too cold, maybe we could risk the weather and do it then? Have found a good camping spot.

Please let me know if you're planning to come this weekend or you're up for an overnight next month.