View Full Version : September 28th/29th Cruise - Liverpool Sailing Club - The Mersey

5-Feb-13, 02:44 PM
Hi All

Confirmation that we have been invited to run our September cruise at Liverpool Sailing Club on September 28th/29th 2013. I'm still awaiting information on whether we can camp at the club or whether it will need to be in a nearby campsite.

Huge area of massively tidal mudflats, looks good doesn't it! Pics show the slipway and area at low water. More details on access and plans to follow nearer the time, in the interim - put it in the diary!

http://www.liverpoolsailingclub.org/Dinghy.html (http://www.liverpoolsailingclub.org/Dinghy.html)


5-Feb-13, 04:00 PM
Well done Russ.

This year is far more spread out than just the South East.


Keith Oakley
5-Feb-13, 06:19 PM
Good stuff - I hope it's as oozy and smelly as the Medway.
I wouldn't want to lower our standards!
Brunel's Great Eastern is under that mud - is it near?