View Full Version : Work with hovercraft in Kuwait.

29-Apr-13, 09:16 AM
Hi All

I'm in need of finding somebody to take on a hovercraft driving/maintenance job in Kuwait in the next couple of weeks. You'll need to be an experienced driver with good mechanical and problem solving skills. Its about 6 weeks work, but we're planning to split it in half (unless you fancy 6 weeks in the sunshine without a cold beer) Obviously, you'll need a passport and planned departure date is approx 15th May. 150/day plus all costs/accommodation/travel etc included.

This is an exciting project - the craft (shown) is fitted with a metal detection system and the job entails inspection of oil slurry pits. Want to guess what you're looking for? It may be necessary to repair/modify/setup the craft whilst you're there, so you'll need a practical 'can do' attitude and an ability to make the project happen. This is new territory for us, but due to project delays we can't now send the staff member we'd intended to.

If you're interested, have the time and skill set and want to know more, please get in touch?

01304 619820