<font size="2">Introduction.[/COLOR]

Welcome to the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain's forums.

These forums are provided as a service to the hovercrafting community by the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (HCGB). They are open to everyone, regardless of whether or not they are members of the HCGB subject to a few simple conditions.

<font size="2">Rules.[/COLOR]

<ul type="square">[*]You should be polite. Anything more than light hearted "ribbing" will not be tollerated.[*]Bare in mind that these forums are used by people of all ages and nationalities so don't use language that will offend. Racist and sexist terms are not allowed.[*]Don't promote your commercial products. Replying to a request for parts is O.K. but plugging your products and services is not. There are ways you can advertize on this site, contact the webmaster.[*]Keep in-line images small.
As a rule of thumb you can attach pictures up the the maximum allowed but don't include the images in the body of the messages if they are over 640x480.[/list]

If you break these simple rules we may temporarily or permenantly ban you.

<font size="2">Registration.[/COLOR]

Real names please Please use your real name when registering, you can have an alias as well if you want to promote a "wind-swept and interesting" image but please give us your real name as well.


  1. Please note that the HCGB is under no obligation to provide these forums and may chose to remove them.
  2. Whilst we try to moderate the language, we cannot police these forums at all times at take no responsibility for the messages posted. They are the responsibility of the poster.

    You are welcome to report any messages you feel are offensive.
  3. These rules may be changed at any time.