<font color="purple">An idea was recently suggested to address the problem of the magazine arriving late in the month of issue, we're well aware of problems this can cause with calendar sensitive issues in particular

so what we've done is to drop Feb magazine (in name only) (don't worry you'll still get 12 mags a year)so March 06 will arrive towards the end of February and so on which is in-line with most monthly publications.

The other option was to put out two magazines in one month which had issues with printing costs and also getting 2 months worth of material to go in the magazine, we struggle to get enough for one edition most times, that's why it's often late !

It also means that race organisers etc. will need to have their calendar sensitive info to us at least 6 weeks prior to the month of release

I welcome your comments on this [/COLOR]

Tony Broad - Deputy Editor Light hovercraft Magazine