Well off we went yesterday and flew around the rugby fields again..

I have checked the filter, the carbs the plugs (the one was a bit loose, OK way loose and that could have contributed but not likely) The mix is right but still the revs veary from 5 0000 to 6 200

We rode around a bit and then when comming in to stop, when I pulled the lanyard to kill the motor, nothing happened. She just kept on going.

I have checked all the wires and all is still connected, yet now all it does is 5 000 and from time to time 6 000, this is verry frustrating.

For those who do not know, my craft has a 503 duel ignition, duel carb. 2 stroke.

Wonderfull motor when she runs propper.

What could it be, where should I look and what needs testing to find the problem?

Thanks guys, look forward to your replyz.