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Thread: HELP !!!! Its Electrical.

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    Default Re: HELP !!!! Its Electrical.

    NO GO, 4 800 to 5 000.

    Maybe its the fuel, I checked the filter and the fuel is almost clear, the fuel I was using when I got 6 000 was a wellow colour.

    I think I was using V-Power unleaded and am now using Dynamic Unleaded, could this be the problem?

    Thanks for the Lanyard tip, it works great thanks for that Don.

    The colour of the plugs, I ran it at full or 5 000 for five (5) minutes and well the colour stays the same, white. so took em out and here is a pic attached.

    I think today I will take the blades back to 40 and see how she goes then, OH the mix is perfect as I used a propper measuring dish, although I failed math I mixed 142ml of 2stroke to 7100ml petrol. thus 50-1. or 2%.

    OK let the comments fly, no realy smilies today, not so happy.
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