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Thread: Hovercraft Experience in Ireland

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    Default Hovercraft Experience in Ireland

    Hello all

    Do any of you know of a provider in Ireland - North or South - where someone can try out a Hovercraft experience?

    Would be very grateful for some information



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    Default Re: Hovercraft Experience in Ireland

    Hi Dean.

    There is a place in Arklow called Moneylands Farm, where you can rent out an F25 by the hour. He has a grand track of app. 0.5 miles with a large pond.

    The I.H.C. will be having an outing on Easter Monday to Lough Ennell in West Meath. You are more than welcome to join us.

    Where are you based? We have 3 members in Dublin, 1 in Kerry and 2 in N.I.

    If you would like to be kept up to date on the clubs activities, email me at

    087 2507004/01-4554248.

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