When you get a chance this weekend, check out the 2002 and 2004 WHC BIGRACING DVD's. Together with many other DVD's, these BIGRACING DVD's are available via Paul Taylor, and are exhibited in the Hudson room at the upcoming Annual General Meeting and Symposium, Horwood House, 25/26th Feb 2006. Historical material and archived magazines will be on display as well.

Buy a BIGRACING DVD, and get to watch some of the exiting hovercraft racing at both the Word Hovercraft Championships in 2002 at Terre Haute Indiana USA, and the 2004 WHC in Berlin Germany. Also included is footage from 2002 banquet, where every one was invited to sing there national anthem, and all of the opening ceremonies at the 2004 WHC. Besides some of the more interesting racing and prep stuff, also included are interviews with the Scottish BIG-Bear Team and US racers Chris and Terry Chapman.

The first WHC-04 DVD includes the following menu:

Edited WHC Intro

First Practice Session

Formula "S" Time Trials

Formula "S" Morning Practice

Formula "S" Race

Kent's Time Trials

BIGBEAR Charley in the Junior Race

Chris Chapman in the Junior Race

Racing Clips

Terry Chapman goes out on the track

More Hovercraft Racing Clips

Here is what's on the second DVD:

WHC-04 Movie Intro (...same as on the first one)

A British lesson on pressure skirts (…by Bryan White)

BIGRACING Craft Preparation

BIGRACING Tweaking the Craft

BIGRACING Working on the Craft (...a la Benny Hill)

BIGRACING First Technical

BIGBEAR Team Intro of a Scottish Hover Family

BIGBEAR Interview ( "Can you smell this...?")

Interview with Terry and Chris Chapman

WHC Opening Ceremony

WHC Hovercraft Slide show

Previews of some of the video can be viewed at the following web locations:

Two clips from WHC 2002

WHC-04 Movie Intro

BIGRACING Working on the Craft (...a la Benny Hill)

Enjoy the Show!